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Welcome to After-Sales Support

Before creating a ticket for the After-Sales service, please make sure that you have gone through the following steps. Often, problems can be solved without any need to send your device for after-sales service.

1- Check the FAQ section for relevant problems:

2- Try to Factory Reset your device (see the user manual or: Factory Reset)


If none of the above steps solved your problem, the procedure for After-Sales service is as below:

1. Register/Login in your account (register/login)

2. Go to HelpDesk Ticketing System link.

3. Create a Helpdesk ticket by filling your device info and detailed description of your problem.

4. The helpdesk representative will follow your case and guide you to the solution.

5. In case, the problem is not solved via helpdesk, the representative will give you instructions on how/where to send your device for After-sales repair.  

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